UCL Green Impact Awards

Attended by the Provost and other fabulous green gremlins, the UCL Green Impact Awards celebrated all the hard work and effort into making UCL more sustainable. The event was held at the curiously mysterious Grant Museum of Zoology with drinks and nibbles.

AllthegoodnamesArgon received the, drum roll please…………………………………

Receiving the green impact award

Platinum Award!! woopwoop. That’s better than gold, so much so that it’s not even on the NUS Green Impact website?!?!

We ( the representatives,who definitely didn’t do the majority of work) had a good time schmoozing with the Michael Arthur, Alex Green and a Giant Crab (particularly Francesco – our print@UCL guru).

Francesco with a Giant Crab


More pics of the event by Alex available here.

Please note we are looking for members and general enthusiasts to join our amazing team! EMAIL us at greenchemucl@gmail.com

Have a dreamy summer,