Christopher Ingold rated #78 on UCL buildings energy list.

So, we spend 382 kW/m2 in the Chemistry department at Christopher Ingold on Gordon street, placing us 78th (or 6th last) in all the buildings at UCL. The Kathleen Lonsdale fared slightly better, placing 70th, where Chemistry share the building with Earth Sciences and Physics. A little shameful perhaps. This is according to Degrees of Change, a programme to try and make UCL more sustainable.

There are some reasons we guess e.g. we have some pumps or venting that need to be on 24 hours, but at lease we could TRY to turn of your screens or computers at night! Please gently encourage everyone to do so.

Degrees of Change logo

Degrees of Change logo

For the full list, and more energy facts, figures and information about the sustainable programne click Degree of Changes.

In the meantime, remember to turn off lights, air conditioning, heating, monitors, switches at the wall etc. Remember! Reduce, reuse and recycle.


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