The Famous 5.


Just a short quick post here, but more to follow soon.

In an attempt to address what we consider to be the departments five biggest negative environmental impacts it is important to consider a certain number of things. Things such as cost, energy requirements and the waste produced from such activities. With this in mind we in the green impact team for Chemistry UCL have listed below what we think are most likely to be the five biggest negative environmental impacts that the department has and it is likely these are endemic to most chemistry departments as well.

  1. Procurement and disposal of chemicals
  2. Electricity usage in analytical machines
  3. Heating and lighting
  4. Non chemical lab waste (gloves, blue roll etc etc)
  5. Water usage.

With these in mind I will be posting on each topic separately to properly analyse these topics.

Please let us know what you think are important issues for the department in the comments below etc etc. If you’re not involved with the department let us know your thoughts anyway!

Next post – Life cycle of chemicals (procurement and disposal.)



Resolutely Green

Hey Guys,

Happy new year!

Now normally i don’t believe in new years resolutions…. but i can make exceptions!

Alex Green (from UCL green impact HQ) contacted us last week asking us what our green themed new years resolutions were and decided to take some footage, looks like he went all around UCL campus too! the video can be found in the link below.

The simple take home message here is that we can all have a positive environmental impact by making a small change.

What’s your green resolution?